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Over the years I have found several companies, products, and plants that I refer people to when they are on the conscious wellness journey. I only recommend companies and products that I deeply believe in, weighing out cost and benefit to you. Sometimes I get a referral fee and sometimes I do not. Happy conscious shopping (click on bold words to access websites)!

1. I believe in getting nutrients from FOOD FIRST, and sometimes that isn’t possible. I recommend supplementation in this case. It is paramount that we replenish our stem cell production in the right way. Purchase Stem Enhance Ultra support for that and for help with COVID-19.

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3. In addition, here are two companies I like: Pure Prescriptions and Global Healing Center.

The most important supplement in terms of what people aren’t getting from their food? Methylcobalamin B12, followed by Zinc, and then Vitamin D in the right forms. I also really like adaptogen herbs because they adopt to your body and give you support where you most need it.

My favorite amongst all the adaptogen herbs? I really love ashwaganda. This Ayurvedic herb is an adaptogen and it helps regulate the stress hormone cortisol and really everyone could be taking it to reach any health goal. This variety is sourced incredibly well, offered raw, and mixed with moringa, which is another incredible Ayurvedic herb.

If you need help navigating these site or knowing which products to purchase based on your goals, contact me at gina@consciouslivingstrategist.com. 

Berkey Filters – To purify shower, drinking, or even pond water for emergencies effectively while maintaining the minerals. 
Fresh and Alive – Water revitalizer to transform your water so that they body can hydrate more easliy. 
Juicer – Although cold press juicers are the best, I don’t have the patience so I recommend Breville instead as they are much more efficient. 
Thrive – Purchase food online at a more reasonable price.
Azure – Purchase bulk natural and organic food from Azure.
Local Farms –  As Michael Pollan states, “Shake the hand that feeds you.” Ask lots of questions too. 
Aggressively Organics – This company has found a way to help you grow your own food year round with huge cost savings and ease. You don’t need much space or time. This indoor system is one of my best finds. 
Kachava – Organic all in one meal replacement
Moringa – One of the most nutrient dense plants found on the planet when you consume the best variety in its best form. I recommend the smartmix over super as you it contains prebiotic herbs and stevia, instead of cane sugar, which many people are sensitive too. 
Food Huggers – Healthy covers for leftover and on the go food in all shapes and sizes. 


The Zen Clock – Start off your day right by walking up to a supportive sound. 
Fresh and Alive – Ormusite scalar rest shield

For one of the best body in motion exercises try out a trampoline for lymphatic circulation and detoxification. I recommend …

Know what is in your products and avoid those that have artificial chemicals (toxic) by going to the Environmental Working Group Database.

My favorite hair care product line is Sweet Sisters. I know the owner personally and her artesian nontoxic line is wonderful. She is local and I like supporting her. You can find high quality non-toxic options at your local Farmer’s Market or Natural Food Store. 

Better Wold Shopping Guide – A company, product, and service guide helping you determine who you want to support based on environemntal, social justice, community, and animal rights records. 

FOR Fat Loss – Oils are great for a whole host of things including improving your indoor air quality, making toothpaste and soaps, and they are especially great for cleaning out the system and losing fat. Click here for the entire kit (recommended), only clinical grade oils on the market. Call me if you need help ordering or want wholesale pricing. 206-499-1791

FOR Hormone Support – Click here and search for AGX WOMEN – DAILY BALANCING BLEND. Contact me for wholesale pricing. 

Putting candles on your dinner table makes for a lovely meal and connection. If you want a delicious life, it is important to know what you are breathing in, not just what you are eating. Candles made with perfumes and other toxic ingredients will never make it on my favorites list so check out this special candle option.

Twisted Sage – A wonderful company doing very innovative work to protect us from EMF radiation and more. 

Grove Collective – Often overlooked but important non the less. Your indoor air quality is very important as it is where you live and sleep. Get discounts and buy nontoxic products through this mail service. 

PACT – Clothing matters if we are to truly live toxic free. This is one of my favorite companies. 


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