In-Person Workshops

Group coaching is available via in-home purposeful parties and workshops. Possible topics include:


The Life-Changing Anti-Diet: Losing weight and gaining health

Love Food, Hate Cooking: A culinary experience for those that avoid the kitchen

Delicious and Nutritious: Eating the most optimally on the diet you choose

Food First: Making sense of the nutrition maze

Nutrient Rich, Budget Poor: How to eat well on any budget


From Awareness to Action: Moving from knowledge to implementation

The Web of Wellness: Improving all areas of your life

3 Brain Yoga: Healing the gut, rewiring the brain, and connecting with the heart

Staying Calm in a Crazy World

Detox Your Life

New Year’s Evolution

Strategies for Parents of Picky Eaters

Happy and Healthy Children

Raising Environmentally Conscious Kids

COST: $350 plus travel time above 30 minutes.

“I attended an insightful workshop led by Gina Diamond at the Worth the Journey’s Conference, Journey ’19. Gina’s knowledge of conscious living runs deep and she presents the material confidently with natural ease. Through her workshop, I was able to notice where in my life could I add more pause and intention to live more consciously. I now start the day with meditation and reflection time, before I take on the demands of the world. I especially appreciated having materials provided that allowed me to state my goals and develop a plan to realize them.  – Arielle T. Sullivan, Consultant with Conscious Transformation Agents


New Year’s Evolution: 
Setting yourself up for success for 2020 and beyond  

Date: January 11, 2020

Time: 11-1 pm

Where: Sno-Isle Food Coop in Everett

Description: Using the four elements of humane education, this interactive and dynamic workshop will offer the mental, emotional and physical benefits of eating well at home and at school. Parents, teachers, and caregivers will be given simple and cost-effective strategies that anyone can implement to increase the nutrition our children receive. It will end with my time-tested effective goal setting exercise so that participants will walk away with an individual realistic plan to get started right away.

Fee: $15. Purchase button below. Signed copies of Gina’s book will be for sale for $12.99 plus tax.


Date: February 8, 2020

Time: 11 – 1pm

Where: Sno-Isle Food Coop in Everett

Description: Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for some self-love yet so many of us put our energy and efforts outwards. Even though there is nothing wrong with outwards affection and appreciation, if you are striving towards having a healthy life, it is best if it is build on a foundation of self-love.

Do you give to yourself in ways that are impactful and meaningful? Do you give to yourself as much as or more than you give to others? If not, there is some room to grow in the self-devotion department, and I get it you are busy, tired, and managing multiple endeavors. This workshop will offer you 3 strategies that anyone can implement regardless of your current circumstance allowing you to begin falling in love with yourself on a much deeper level.

Instead of splurging on candy and chocolate, lotions and potions, heavy unhealthy meals to honor yourself or your loved ones, attend this workshop to learn my top life changing self-love strategies that will reprogram your brain, heal your body, and leave you feeling dosed in oxytotin regardless of whether of how much love is in your life.  

Come with someone you love (mate, friend, or family member) and receive a special Fall in Love with Yourself Gift. 

Fee: $15. Purchase button below. Signed copies of Gina’s book will be for sale for $12.99 plus tax.


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